Valentine's Day 2013

Our Valentine's Day was perfect. A few days before, my husband was granted his green card. We are so glad that whole process was over. Our marriage verification interview wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. THANK GOD! We basically felt that they had made up their mind before we even walked in. I guess we submitted enough " evidence " during the immigration application process that they felt our marriage was legit. Thank heavens for that. If you found this blog post by googling immigration evidence, I'd hate to leave you empty handed. Here is a list of things to consider submitting to make the process run a lot smoother.

Moving on...back to V Day stuff. I'm a HUGE fan of hand made gifts on Valentine's Day. This year I made Richie something practical yet decorative and VERY masculine... :) I posted this photo on Instagram last night and a few of you took a stab at guessing what I made. 

The tartan (plaid for us commoners) is a swatch from the kilt makers in Scotland. We had about 12 different patterns and colors to choose from and in my quest to organize my office, I decided NOT to buy anything for this gift and to utilize some items I already had. The only thing I had to purchase was the frame. 

The knob holds his watch and the drawer pull holds his wedding ring. That's really the only jewelry he wears,. If your man wears a necklace, you could add another knob to the right or left.

The knob and drawer pulls were things I purchased when I was trying to decide on hardware for our media unit. You can read more about that HERE

Here are some more details from the evening. 

The menu. PS we are WAAAAY too much. 

Heart-shaped naan bread to compliment our Indian cuisine. Side note: I used a huge heart cookie cutter. Thanks Darby for the idea. That chick is full of so many ideas! Also, the scraps were in fact eaten...NEVER will we waste naan bread. Such a sin.

Cheesecake. Enough said.

How was your Valentine's Day? If you blogged about it, I want to see. Post your links below. 

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