Spring Cleaning--Blog Edition

I'm so excited for Spring--the BEST season in Houston--that I've started my Spring cleaning already...but only on the blog. You can view my HOME Seasonal Cleaning Schedule HERE if you're ready to start Spring cleaning your house.

Just like our homes, our blogs get a little messy and need to be tidied up. Here are a few things to make your blog look a little cleaner.

1. Check for broken links. There is nothing more frustrating while reading blogs than to find broken links to content that you really wanted to read. 
Use this Broken Link Checker to show you your broken links. I only had one! 

2. Assess the clutter on your side bars. Does your sidebar clutter outweigh your amazing content?? Consider downsizing your sidebars or moving to a two column sidebar to make things easier on the eye. 

3. Post Labels--Have a look through your entire content. Do you see themes? Consider making those themes a tab so others can see your content easier.

4. Do you have great content from when you only had a few followers? I do!! Since I've started using inlinkz, blog post traffic to older posts has increased greatly. Inlinkz also gives my in page links visual interest instead of using a boring hyperlink.  SEE WHAT I MEAN...My Projects Page really is a Gallery now. Just Gawjus. 

5. Blog Email-- is your inbox on the out?? Filled the the brim? Consider setting up filters to send emails to certain folders. To keep a clean inbox be sure to archive older emails. This changed my life. 

If anyone can figure out a way to fix broken photos or a way to locate all broken photos. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 

I hope this helped you. Can you think of some simple blog tidying solutions? Post int he comments section. Also,  How many broken links did you have? Go on...tell me..or I'll just have a looksy for myself...attention big bloggers...you've got some broken linkkkkkks.



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