Powder Room Reveal

I'm so thankful I saw beyond this room when we purchased the house. Holy wallpaper. Who does this?!? I'm so happy this room doesn't look like this anymore. We all know I LOOOOVE WALLPAPER.  It has come a loooong way and is really starting to take shape. I'm still very unhappy with the tile...just pretend it's light grey porcelain plank tile for now.


The art above the toilet is from our honeymoon in Aruba. We like to incorporate art from our travels into the decor. This is my favorite painting that we own. 
Since there are no windows in the powder room, I needed to bring in some outdoors so I added a faux potted plant (from Ikea). 

To add some more color into the space, I used an oil dispenser (ikea) and a plastic spirits bottle spout to make a soap dispenser. (A shout out to my bro Benny for taking the spout for me from a pub in Scotland and to my sis Vic for providing me additional spirit spouts for more soap dispensers). THE BEST GIFTS EVER! 

Remember the newlywed toilet paper challenge (HERE) ?? Being left on the pot with nothing left to do but drip dry your bits and walk all the way to the garage, pants down, to get some Tawlet roll then walk all the way back and sit down and sing this song... who the HELL does stuff like this??!? Anywho... no toilet paperless incidents will be happening in the powder room because I've found another pretty TP storage solution. A large vase. It holds four rolls of toilet paper.

Hubs made two shelves for my beachy items. I also moved things around a little once the shelves were finished. I will post a tutorial on those one day. 

See that rope knot? Pretty huh? It's a dog toy! Yep! Read about it HERE.

My seaglass collection. Mostly from the OBX, NC and Scotland. I did find a small piece in Aruba but I lost it. :( 

 The empty spice jars are from Ikea and hold my sand collection. It's pretty cool because all of the sand colors are different (. And the coral pieces on the bottom left are from Aruba. 

Things left to do
Tile floor
Buy a small trashcan
Change hardware on sink
Fill spice jars with sand. (HERE)

What rooms have you remodeled lately? 
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