DIY Letter Wreath

This was the EASIEST project ever! Here is everything you need. 
1 yard of burlap ribbon
Elmer's Spray Glue
One Wooden Letter (mine is about 1.5 feet)--if you are extra crafty you can use a foam sheet and cut your own shape.
Sheet of green moss
Spray the top of the letter with glue. Wait about 30 seconds until glue is tacky. 
*Use your finger to check*
Press the moss sheet onto the top of the wooden letter. Let it dry.
Use scissors to trim the excess moss. Leave about 1 inch overlap. We will use this to wrap around the edges and back to create a seamless look. 
Spray the sides of the letter and wait 30 seconds or until glue is tacky. 
Wrap the excess onto the sides. Press firmly. 
To wrap the corners, cut diagonal to the point of each corner. 
Fold extra moss under and around to the back  (Sorry I forgot to photograph this step).
You may have to spray the back of the letter. 
Tie a bow and staple the bow onto the back of the letter. 
I used Command Hooks to secure the wreath onto the door. 

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