Down on the Farm

That's right Dinwirdeen is now a farm! Livestock?? Sadly no. Our HOA won't let us have livestock which totally ruins my plans for a teacup pig and fresh eggs in the morning. Anywho, Dinwirdeen now has a proper place to plant vegetable.

I plan on planting a variety of things this weekend including

Bell Peppers
Sugar Snap Peas
Sunflowers (along the other side of the fence).

We already have herbs planted in the house so we won't be replanting any outside(this was when we planted them but they are thriving now).

The pots are from Ikea and were very inexpensive. You can find them here. I wrote on the pots with a dry erase marker until I decide on which markers I like. Thanks to Pinterest, I have quite a few options.

Cork Garden Markers

Garden Markers

diy garden markers--foil and a pen.

Natural Garden Markers

rock garden markers. Love!

Are you planting a garden this year? If so, any tips/suggestions?


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