Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nursing Student Lura Here

Hiiii! It's me. Yeah. The one who thought she was going to blog regularly through nursing school. Not gonna happen. Life lately has been ummm... crazy. I haven't been exercising so I've been walking the hospital at night...much like mall walking minus the old ladies w their fanny packs. Tomorrow I have my first Pharmacology exam...prayers please! Lately, I've been feeling a little down and uninspired with only a few hours of sleep each night but I've found new inspiration for why I'm doing all of this. 

Bruno Mars gets sick sometimes too. :) 

Happy Tuesday readers. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aramco Half Marathon 2014. CHECK!

I did it!! I ran the half marathon. It was definitely one of the hardest things I've ever done.  I hit a wall at mile eight but ran up until that point. Once I stopped, I was so upset with myself because it hurt WAY worse to walk. My fuel for the race was honey packs and Gatorade. I made sure to take Gatorade  I'm not advising anything here, it just worked for me. If you are thinking about running any long distance race, I recommend speaking with a sports nutritionist before you start training.

Here are some photos from the day.

For me, running is more mental than physical. If your mind isn't set on running 13.1 miles, then it's going to be interesting and VERY tough road.
My friend Sarah shared her thoughts while running her half marathon. I could totally relate after reading this so I decided to share my own thoughts. 

Mile 1-- Dang! I can't believe it took nearly 40 minutes for our corral to start. SO many people. Guh. Should have peed. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I used to hate running.

Mile 2--Okay MJ (Michael Jackson) Let's do this. Oh look Gatorade. Boom Boom. Okay sip slowly.

Mile 3-- Toilets! I really need to use the restroom but the lines are too long. People are going to see my time. Must keep going.

Mile 4-- Wow I can't believe how many people are out here cheering everyone on. Oh hey old apartment. Don't miss you.

Mile 5-- I can't believe I left my sunnies in the car. Guh! So is so bright. I bet the winner just crossed the line.

Mile 6-- Hubs had to use the restroom so I decided to slow my pace and he would catch up.
What did that ladies sign say?? Smile if you aren't wearing underwear?

Mile 7-- Phone call from Hubs--Where are you? I'm running. I'm near the liquor store. Oh okay.
Bye. Hey Hubs! Wow that restroom line was so long. Wow. I have a really strong bladder. No need to stop, it's almost over.

Mile 8-- I have to stop running. Ouch! Why did I stop running!!! Okay running again. Lura you are an idiot. Why did you stop. Why. Why. When did I start having hip problems??

Mile 9-- Haven't I heard this song before?? Is this shit over yet? Why did I sign up for this?

Mile 10-- Honey isn't bad. I'm almost finished! If I just walk/run the rest, it will all be okay.
My husband is so hot.

Mile 11.--Gatorade!!!! After taking a sip, I quickly realized it was BEER! Ew. I'm not sure why they used official Gatorade cups. I was a little disappointed. Thankfully it didn't bother me and I kept going.

Mile 12--Why does it smell like puke?? I don't want to puke. Wow. Who eats steak before running a marathon?  They should have chewed properly. Idiots. Almost. There. Where is the finish line?!?!

12.1-- I did it!!!!! Oh wait. I have another mile?!?!?!?!?

This is my favorite photo. I think I love it more than our wedding photos.
In it together until the end.

13.1 Finally!  I can't wait to sign up for next year. Where is my medal??

You can watch our finishing video below

Overall the entire experience was amazing.  I'm not ready for a full marathon yet but it's definitely something I want to do. Just not now. I plan on running a few more half marathons before conquering the full.

Until then, I'll happily cross Half Marathon off my  Bucket List.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Organized: Sewing Machine Feet

In the quest of organizing my office, I realized my smaller sewing supplies like clips, tools and sewing machine feet were getting misplaced. In an effort to keep them all together, I used a pill case (a vitamin case to be exact--the spaces are larger) to keep all of my sewing machine feet together.  This case lives inside of one of these baskets. 

What are some small items that you can't seem to get organized??


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nursing School Week 2--Whelmed Overly

Hiya! Nursing student here. Oops I mean nursing student who hasn't been in full time school for five years. A few things have changed. 
I get to wear jammies aka scrubs to school. LOVE IT! 
Digital books. Don't like. 
Digital books. LOVE IT! No need to carry 18 textbooks to class everyday. 
Online homework assignments that take for freaking ever! Don't like.
The inability to focus on 800+ pages of reading a week. Don't like. 
Class DIVERSITY! Love it.
Different backgrounds. Everyone in my program has a Bachelor's degree. It's really awesome to see the strengths of everyone; we help each other in different ways. For example, the engineer in the class created a digital schedule with all of our due dates, etc. Thanks. We have a few Pharmacology experts who were Pharm Techs before starting the program. The class also has at least two AMAZING (cough) Health Educators with direct patient care experience. Holler atcha girl for the Health Promotion modules. 

Real talk. 

The first week of school was a HUGE slap in the face. We received the biggest work load I've ever had in my life. Not a problem because I'm super organized (I plan on sharing that process once I find time). The problem lies in the fact that our work is ALL OVER THE PLACE. What does that mean Lura? Well, it means that we have about 18 textbooks. Each of said textbooks are supposed to have an access code for online access to questions, videos, etc. Some of the class received those codes, some did not. Which means we can't access the work and it means that I'm freaking out slightly. I keep telling myself that there isn't anything I can do about it so don't worry. Doesn't work. It just means I care right? 

Thankfully the professors are understanding and the due dates have been extended but it's week 2 and I still don't have an access code for one book...aka not having access to 17 online quizzes. Lippincott & Wilkins please get your mess together.   If you are affiliated with that publisher and you have stumbled upon my site via google, please email me. I would love to have a conversation with you about a few things. 

Anywho, If you can't tell,  my mood has been all over the place. 

For starters, the ENTIRE first week I questioned why the hell I went to nursing school. I've never said I can't do it but to be completely honest, I'm not sure exactly how it's going to happen. We have exactly 325 days until graduation but who's counting? ME!!!! 

I've been happy. I've been excited. I have NOT cried yet. Stay tuned. 

I'm remaining positive because negativity isn't going to get very far on little sleep.

Note: I also feel that it's important to remain positive in front of my fellow students. Negativity only kills the mood of others. We are all in the same boat. Let's face it. It's hard. Nothing in life worth having is easy. 

What the?? I've said that about a million times. I had no idea nursing involved so much writing. 

All of week one, I had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. Yesterday, everything finally clicked. I think. 

We start clinicals next week. My first rotation is Psych. We had our orientation today. To be honest, I was really nervous before we got there. The leader made a good point when he said that we are safe. We are surrounded by those with mental disorders all over the place. In the psych hospital, almost everyone is compliant with taking their medications. Not the case on the streets. Think about it. 

I know this post is all over the place. That's synonymous to my brain. I will leave you all with a few things. 
I knew this year was going to be super hard and at times I would have a hard time remembering why I want to be a nurse. To keep me motivated, I had my stethoscope engraved with a hybrid quote (two of my favorite quotes mixed to meet the 25 character maximum to fit on the bell).

Dare to make a difference. +  Be the change you want to see in the world. =

Dare to be the change. 

Adios readers. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Oh! I almost forgot. This weekend is the Burn's Supper. Remember from LAST YEAR?? Follow along on IG, if you want to see the dress I chose this year. It's gorg!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enchanted Rock

Two weekends ago (BNS...before nursing schoool), Hubs and I ventured out to the Hill Country of Texas for a little hiking and bonding.
Since moving here, I hadn't been out that way and I was in desperate need to get away from the city. We decided to take our time traveling over so we spent the night in Bastrop, Texas. The town was nice. We ate dinner downtown (sorry no food selfies) at a restaurant that I can't remember.... (NSB...nursing school brain). Fact: I had every intention of writing this post right after we visited but life happened and so did nursing school and it's been absolutely insane (more on that later). Anywho, we ended up in Llano and Fredericksburg, Texas. Llano is a hunting town so there wasn't much there but Fredericksburg is a MUST GO for the weekend type place. Right outside of Fredericksburg is a Natural Park where you can hike Enchanted Rock. It was quite windy but overall beautiful. By the end Handsome was fed up and refused to listen. His ears wouldn't stay down because it was so windy so we suspect it was hurting his ears.

  It was so beautiful and so nice to get into some fresh air. We've planned to go back because it's such a big place with plenty to see.

At this point, Toby was over it. 

He broke away from us and went to be alone. Didn't listen, and refused to look at me. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Framed African Masks

At times, my husband has the pleasure of traveling for work. He was recently in Angola, Africa and picked up these masks wittled from Sapele Wood. They represent a few of the tribes in the area that he stayed. To be honest, when he brought them home I had no interest in hanging them in our house because I don't like decor with faces or masks...when I was little my parents had this STUPID porcelain leprechaun that was a music box and one night (after watching the movie Leprechaun) the music box dinged once and I swore it was looking at me. I haven't been fond on home decor items with faces and creepy eyes.

One weekend I was invited to a party to celebrate Chilean Independence Day. OMG the food is amazing! The hallway was decorated with masks from all over the world and I LOVED IT! Hubs and I both love to collect things from our travels and we've made it a point to decorate our home with our finds. It gives our space character and offers perspective that we aren't the only culture in the world. One day I would love to have my family grow up in a worldly home.

Since our masks are smaller than a hand each, I wanted to display them as a grouping. I thought about doing a shadow box but didn't like how traditional they looked. I wanted something with a little character. 


I found this frame at Target and it's perfect! Actually, perfect is an understatement. This frame was made for these masks.  At first I hot glued the masks to the glass but they fell off. I opted to remove the glass and glue them to scrapbook paper instead. It now lives in our upstairs hallway with our two paintings from Nigeria. I think the collage of masks pairs nicely with the art.

What things have you collected from your travels?

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